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When I EVALUATE I try to discern how the organization arrived where it is today and the positive movements that should be sustained. At the same time, this process often discovers some inefficiencies that require adjustment.


I am passionate about EQUIPPING others to excel to the best of their ability. My philosophy balances both an unrelenting push for excellence and an understanding of the need to display grace and compassion in reaching our goals.


With my desire to evaluate and equip comes a distinct focus on making vision, projects, and strategy CLARIFIED for all involved. Working across all layers of leadership I am motivated to move the organization toward the best possible understanding.

I craft strategic communications solutions through a relentless pursuit of Evaluating, Equipping, and Clarifying. I am passionate about effective communications and applying my experience in equipping teams to exceed expectations. Leading communications in the non-profit arena has also given me the ability to exercise a strong work ethic (doing more with less) and a global outlook (communicating to multiple niches).

“An excellent leader and an asset to any team – Bill not only brings his uniquely creative talent, skill, and expertise, but he also rapports team unity by consistently providing a clear, realistic vision that considers both the project and its persons.” Andrew Ryan Shepherd, Lead Designer, Lake Pointe Church

Intellection, Belief, Achiever, Context, Connectedness

• Evaluate
• Equip
• Clarify

• Mac OSX
• Photoshop
• Illustrator
• InDesign
• Acrobat Pro
• Social Media

University of North Texas School of Visual Arts: Bachelor of Fine Arts in Communication Design (1994) – Cum Laude

• Volunteer Small Group Teacher
• School WatchDog
• School Fundraising Support